Robert Zur founded his company in 2001 after 5 decades as Shoe Designer for successful brands, including Cole Haan.  His two daughters joined him and make up the company that we know today.  The spirit of the brand is based on the principle that style never goes out of fashion.  That to be an empowered person, it helps to have  great footwear that fits, looks and feels good.  That quality and beautiful materials can inspire.  

True Glove is a mainstay material you will find in our footwear and bags whether it be the linings or the entirety of the product.  The True Glove provides a softness that is truly loveable.  When you experience an RZ pair or bag, you will know why.  

Designed with you in mind: Our products are designed with consideration, made with craftsmanship, tailored to fit the wearer expertly on the first fitting.  In an age when there are so many options and so much to do, we want to enhance the lives of our wearers by making it easy to find the perfect fit.